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festive family package (up to 6 diners
  • festive family package (up to 6 diners


    A festive, crazy family package  Especially suitable for any party or small family event. A complete celebration of flavors.

    The package includes:

    Black satin fabric tablecloth 1.5 by 2 meters

    Disposable cutlery and plates

    1 bottle of Blue Wine 750 ml

    1 bottle of squeezed oranges 2 liters

    2 sourdough baguettes 250 grams each  one

    4 rolls 45 grams each

    Breads according to stock

    2 spreads 90 grams each

    Fresh vegetables on a plate   20/20 cm

    A varied and richly sized cheese platter  25/25 cm

    1 liter salad including sauce

    5 Parmesan puffs filled with cream cheese and salmon

    4 beet sandwiches stuffed with sabih

    4 personal quiches based on filo

    Lasagna 16 cm in diameter

    4 different dips weighing 120 grams each

    80 grams of spelled cracker

    In the dessert section:

    4 crumble puffs filled with patisserie with top

    4 cups of dessert 

    6 coconut balls

    6 date balls

    6 squares of Jandoya brownies

    Hazelnut cookies

    60 grams of strawberry jam


    Each product is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and flavor

    An invested and varied dairy meal for 5-7 diners.

    Plates, cups and a lump sum can be added at an additional charge.

    Must be booked in advance

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