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A snack basket
  • A snack basket


    A tiny snack basket suitable for a couple. 

    The basket includes:

    Small picnic basket measuring 32/26/16 cm

    A red and white checkered cloth tablecloth measuring 1 / 1.5 meters

    2 bottles of Malka 330 ml beer or 2 bottles of squeezed orange 330 ml

    4 sourdough bread sticks or 250 gram sourdough baguette

    Dip 90 grams 

    Olives in a 90 gram glass jar 

    100 g salted nut mix

    100 grams of spelled cracker

    90 grams of cream cheese 

    100 grams of cookies / sweet snack

    bottle opener


    Book three days in advance

    Delivery by appointment only

    Photo illustration

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