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Such a family - a family morning package
  • Such a family - a family morning package


    Family breakfast package including:

    1 / 1.5 meter plaid fabric map

    1 focaccia

    4 rolls

    5 quiches  Personal on a philo basis

    5 savory pastries

    dip  90 g 

    Tuna salad

    Egg salad

    For homemade stone / cream cheese - 90 grams



    Fresh vegetables in a bowl with a diameter of 14

    Cheese platter in size  20/20 cm with fruit

    salad  1 liter with sauce

    Smoked Salmon

    Yeast cake 300 g

    A huge chocolate chip cookie 12 cm in diameter

    1 liter squeezed drinking bottle

    Amount and consumables plates

    garbage bag


    The package is suitable for 5-7 diners

    The food comes packaged in white cardboard packaging.  


    Can be upgraded to a picnic basket for an additional fee

    A bottle of wine can be added at an additional cost

    Bulk flowers at extra charge

    Each product is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and flavor

    A family and pampering breakfast for 5 diners


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