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A pampering single breakfast package
  • A pampering single breakfast package


    Single breakfast package includes:

    1 sourdough baguette 250 g

    1 quiche  Individual on the basis of a crunchy dough 10 cm in diameter

    70 grams of spelled cracker

    Dip 60 g

      Cheeses, vegetables and fruits in a 15/15 cm plate


    black olives

    Homemade jam 60 grams

    Homemade stone for 60 grams

    Sweet brioche with 150 g dark chocolate

    120 ml mousse jar

    Disposable cutlery

      Natural color cardboard packaging measuring 25/35 cm


    A particularly pampering breakfast for one diner

    A bottle of wine can be added at an additional cost

    Bulk flowers at extra charge

    Photo illustration


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