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A particularly pampering double breakfast case

A particularly pampering double breakfast case


Single breakfast package includes:

2 baguette sourdough 250 g

4 rolls (45 grams each)

2 quiches  Personal on a philo basis

2 savory pastries

Dip 90 grams 

Homemade jam

For home stone


Cheeses on a 20/20 cm plate (Camembert / Yellow / Bulgarian / Blue / Manchego)

750 ml salad including sauce

Fresh vegetables in a 15/15 cm plate

2 bottles of lemonade / orange squeezed personally 330 ml

2 sweet treats

White rectangular straw basket measuring 30/40 cm


Can be upgraded to a picnic basket for an additional fee

A bottle of wine can be added at an additional cost

Bulk flowers at extra charge

Each product is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and flavor

A particularly pampering breakfast for 2 diners

Photo illustration

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