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An Israeli brunch for 10 diners
  • An Israeli brunch for 10 diners


    An Israeli brunch for 10 diners. Rich, colorful  And variety, suitable for any event or family reunion.  The package includes:

    2 sourdough baguettes 250 grams each  one

    1 sourdough bread  1 kg / 2 small sourdough breads

    10 45 gram rolls each

    10 personal quiches based on filo or quiche based on crispy diameter 16

    1 savory pastry in a 14-diameter jahanun pot or lasagna

    A varied and rich cheese platter, size 25/25 cm

    Vegetable platter in size   25/25 cm

    Roasted sweet potatoes in olive oil in a 20/20 cm plate

    3 dips 90 grams each

    200 g smoked salmon

    2 salads 1  Liters including sauce

    200 g tuna salad

    Egg salad 200 g

    Cream cheese or stone 200 g 

    Jar of olives 150 g


    House jam 90 grams

    Yeast cake strip 400 g

    Cake in a sense 400 grams

    A box of cookies measuring 15/15 cm

    Fruit on a plate measuring 20/20 cm

    10 units 90 ml yogurt jars with homemade granola granola  


    Plates, cups and a lump sum can be added at an additional charge.

    You can add squeezed orange juice and wine for an additional fee.

    Must be booked in advance

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