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A meal for bed

A meal for bed



Romantic package, delicious and pampering.  Perfect as a gift  Or as a treat.

The package includes:

Wooden tray for bed in red

2 glass drinking bottles 330 ml oranges / chocolate

3 types of cheese (150-200 grams)

2 butter croissants

2 rolls - 45 grams each

Smoked Salmon


Quiche 12 cm in diameter

50 grams of cream cheese

50 grams of dip

30 grams of olives

80 grams of egg salad

Hazelnut Coffee Truffles


Book three days in advance

Delivery by appointment 

Photo illustration

Each product is individually packaged to keep it fresh

After the purchase, precise instructions will be given on how to store and heat the products. 

Assembly and submission independently

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